Why Support Us

Why Support Us?

We believe many children in Surrey are unable to experience the joy of making music because of financial disadvantage. Here’s why we need YOUR support to change that.

  • why music?
  • why not rely on government and parents?
  • why surrey?
  • why the cheryl king trust?
  • why do we need your support?
  • Music is important to everyone

    We all know the joy that listening to and making music brings us all.  It's particularly important for young people.

  • Why young people?

    Music tuition from a young age improves literacy, problem-solving skills, confidence, resilience and creativity.

  • Why now?

    Music is even more important given the pressures all young people face today.

  • Why not schools?

    With education policy focusing on ‘non-creative’ subjects, many schools are struggling to resist the pressure to sacrifice music for other priorities. Having access to quality music tuition has become a “school lottery" with a growing disparity between State and Independent schools. 

  • Why not parents?

    Not all parents can afford to pay for music lessons.  More than 40% of low-income families report that music lessons are beyond their budget.

  • How income impacts music learning

    Children with families earning £48,000 or more are twice as likely to learn an instrument compared to those whose parents earn £28,000 or less.

  • Areas of deprivation

    Surrey is a relatively affluent area of the UK. However, there are areas of deprivation even here in with 3 boroughs featuring in the second most deprived category in a nationwide survey and 8 more boroughs in the third most deprived category.

  • A Bigger Gap

    The disparity between the musical opportunities of rich and poor is probably greater in Surrey than anywhere else in the country.

  • A Schools Lottery

    There are many schools in Surrey where there are no qualified music teachers or insufficient funds to support music provision. 

  • Our vision

    No young person should be precluded from taking music lessons because either their parents cannot afford them or they are not inspired to take up lessons.  

  • Our Mission

    We help fund music lessons for financially disadvantaged children and young people in Surrey, whatever their level of musical development. We level the music playing field by funding inspirational performances to encourage children to take up instruments or singing in schools where historically take-up has been low.  

  • Our Efficiency and Expertise

    We are a registered charity staffed by volunteers and with no overheads. 100% of your donation goes to help or inspire children and young people to make music. The Cheryl King Trust does not duplicate what others already do but funds local and national organisations with a deep expertise in teaching and inspiring children and young people to make music.

  • Funding Our Current Work

    At present we are only able to help a limited number of children in a limited number of schools, most of which are supported by Surrey Arts. That work needs ongoing funding.

  • Helping More Children

    With your help, we could  inspire many more children across the county to make music in the future.

  • In More Schools

    We could arrange more performances in more schools, including those not served by Surrey Arts, to inspire children to take up music lessons. We can provide the financial support that will enable them to start and continue to experience the joy of making music.