Teachers and Music Leaders

How we can help you

The Cheryl King Trust can help you in a variety of ways by:

Helping to fund music lessons for your students

Click here for more details about our bursaries for music lessons.

Arranging inspirational performances at your school

We help fund visits by inspirational musicians to state schools to inspire children and young people to take up instruments and develop their music skills.

A recent example of this is our NYJO Project. That project is now fully subscribed by schools but we intend to do similar projects with NYJO and other inspirational groups of young musicians in future.

Supporting projects and ensembles for your students

We are also willing, on an exceptional basis, to consider co-funding other projects and ensembles for young musicians where there are a significant number of participants who are from under privileged or financially disadvantaged backgrounds. The amount of funding we might provide would usually be linked to the percentage of their participation.

Contacting us

Please contact us if your school would be interested in hosting an inspirational performance or have a project or ensemble that you think might qualify for support

How you can help us

State Schools

You can help us by :

> making parents aware of how we help

> nominating students for bursaries

> contacting us to tell us what you need to help financially disadvantaged children to make music

Private Schools

You can help us by:

> Giving a gig eg by bucket collections at concerts of your own students

> Making your facilities and staff available to support projects for financially disadvantaged young musicians

> Playing your part as charitable organisations to ensure that all young people can experience the joy of music making

We believe that there is a big and largely missed opportunity for private and state schools to work together to help level the playing field a bit in music education. The Cheryl King Trust sees itself as a bridge to help make that happen.

We welcome any ideas from you about what your school can do to help more financially disadvantaged children to enjoy the same wonderful music opportunities that you offer.

All Teachers and Music Leaders

Whether you work in state or private schools you can help us by:

> spreading the word about The Cheryl King Trust to your musical friends and colleagues

> Contacting us to volunteer and to offer your expertise and ideas

> Getting any amateur or professional ensembles or bands that you play in to give a gig for us