How you can help

How You Can Help

There are many different ways you can enable and inspire young people to make music.

Just contact us here if you would like to talk to us or help or support us in any other way.

Join our Mailing List

Click here to receive regular updates on the work of the trust and hear about our concerts and gigs organised by our supporters. 


We value all donations and gifts big or small.

Click here to select when and how you would like to give.

Leave a Musical Legacy

Leave something in your will to help young musicians. Learn more here.

Give a Gig

Why not give a gig? Organise a performance or gig with your friends in aid of our young musicians. Click here to learn more.

Become a CKT Supporter

If you like what we do, help us by becoming a CKT supporter and promoting CKT and what we do to your friends and if you are a musician or a music ensemble, club or venue to your audience, followers and members? Click here to find out more.

Fund Raise

Up for a challenge? 10,000 steps a day for a month? A marathon? Your first triathlon? Or perhaps something more sedate? A music pub quiz?

We would be delighted by whatever way you would like to fund raise for the Cheryl King Trust and will do our best to support you and get our supporters to help.

As a Musician

If you are a musician, you may be able to help us in a variety of ways. For example giving a gig yourself or appearing at one of the fund raising concerts or other events we arrange from time to time.

Alternatively you may be able to encourage other musicians and ensembles you work for or are friends with to support us. Just lending your name as a supporter of what The Cheryl King Trust does, is a help in itself.


We are always on the look out for people with a passion for music who would like to help us in the work we do. You can help by simply giving us some of your time (eg to help us organise events), or offering some particular skills that you may have.

At present we are keen to hear from people with backgrounds and experience in music teaching, music education, marketing, PR, design, communications and finance.

Support us as a Teacher

If you are a teacher or school you may be able to help us in a number of different ways. Click here to find out more.

Become a Sponsor

If you are involved with any organisation that might be interested in helping or supporting our work in any – whether a company or charity, we would love to hear from you here.

See how your £££ can help

Where will my money go?

Co-fund music lessons with Surrey Arts for £15 or an hour's private tuition for £30, or co-fund a term of group lessons for £60, or a term of individual lessons for £110. £250 co-funds an AYM bursary, £500 funds a Future Talent bursary, or set a whole school buzzing with a day of inspirational performances by NJYO for £1000.

£15 co-funds 2 individual music lessons with Surrey Arts
£30 funds 100% of an hour's individual tuition with a private music teacher
£60 co-funds a term of group lessons with Surrey Arts for one student
£110 co-funds a term of individual lessons with Surrey Arts
£250 co-funds one Awards for Young Musician bursary for a talented student one year
£500 funds100% of the Future Talent Cheryl King Bursary for one year
£1000 funds 100% of a day of inspiration performances in local schools by a NYJO quintet