Who we are

How did we start?

The trust was founded in 2015 by local professional bass player and the founder of Guildford Jazz, Marianne Windham in memory of her dear friend and colleague Cheryl King.

What are we?

In October 2020 we registered as a charitable incorporated organisation (“CIO”) under charity registered number 1191604. A CIO is a type of charity which is registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission. It is run like a company.

Who Are We?

We are run by a board of unpaid volunteer trustees. We have no staff and minimal admin costs.  This means virtually 100% of all donations and money we raise goes to fund bursaries or inspirational performances. Like any well run charity, we apply a number of best practice policies in how we operate and are governed.

Who do we work with?

We are primarily a grant giver and funder . We aim to work collaboratively through our partners to deliver on our mission and maximise our impact. Our partners include schools ,  other  music education organizations and corporate partners.