How we help

"Enabling & inspiring all young people to make music"

Our Vision

Our vision is that no young person in Surrey should be unable to learn a musical instrument because either their parents can’t afford it or musical opportunity is limited at their school.

Our Mission

We try to achieve this in three ways :

1. Funding lessons for all

We help fund music lessons for financially disadvantaged children and young people at all levels of musical development

2. Funding developing musicians

We fund bursaries for talented but financially disadvantaged young musicians through Awards for Young MusiciansFuture Talent

Read more about our bursaries fund lessons for all and develop musicians.

3. Funding inspirational performances

We help fund visits by inspirational musicians to State schools to inspire children and young people to take up instruments or singing and develop their music skills.

Read more about our first performances project with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Who we support

We believe that all young people should be able to experience the joy of making music. None should be precluded from doing so due to financial barriers. We focus on helping young people who would not otherwise have music opportunities because of financial disadvantage.

We help all young people wherever they are on their musical journey; whether they are just starting to learn an instrument, or are about to enter a conservatoire, and everything in between.

Read more about some of the young people we have supported.

Where we work

We mainly help young people in Surrey and by exception elsewhere in London and the South East.

How we Work

We aim to work collaboratively with schools and other relevant organisations to maximize opportunities to achieve our mission.