Give a Gig

Do you play or sing in a professional or amateur band, ensemble, choir or orchestra?

If so why not "give a gig" to fund raise for The Cheryl King Trust?

What Does Give a Gig Mean?

There are many different ways that you can raise funds from any type of performance. 

For example you could do any or all of the following :

> Donate any profits from the event after venue hire and other expenses

> Hold a bucket collection at the end of the event

> Organise a raffle or auction in the interval

> Have an optional donation to CKT when people buy tickets

Why Does Give a Gig Work so Well ?

All the people playing and attending your gig or concert will by definition be music lovers.  Most will instinctively understand the importance of music in peoples' lives. Hopefully your performance will have reached that part inside their soul that only music can reach.

What better group of people and what better time to ask for their financial support to help all young people to experience the joy of making music?

An example of Give a Gig

Godalming Choral

A huge thanks to Godalming Choral whose audience at their recent concert on 4th December, generously donated a fantastic £280! 

This is the equivalent to funding a bursary for a about half of a year for one of our young beneficiaries.

A Chorus of Hallelujah to all of you!

Check out their website…Godalming Choral Society

Give a Gig can also help you

The Trust will help market your event on its web site and in its newsletters and by email to its mailing list of music lovers. You give a gig and we help you spread the word and get you an audience.

We can also help at the event itself by saying a few words about the work of the Trust and helping with bucket collections or raffles. 

Contact us here if you are thinking about giving a gig.