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Carla, Violin

Future Talent

Over the last year with your help, Carla has been able to receive one-to-one private lessons with her violin teacher Margaret and is working towards her Grade 8 exam – a wonderful achievement for an 11 year old! 

Sadly, due to Covid-19, Carla’s exam was cancelled however she has plans to take it again as soon as she can.

Pre-lockdown, Carla regularly plays with a Training Orchestra and attends Trinity Laban Junior Department every week in Greenwich.

As a direct result of the regular violin lessons Carla has been able to have, her achievement list has grown rapidly including becoming a member of The National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain and she was awarded a full music scholarship from September 2020.

These achievements have been, in part, due to the direct support Carla has received from The Cheryl King Trust. 

Carla, Violin

Future Talent Fledgling Musician 2020

“We are most grateful for your support and we hope you enjoy reading about the difference you made to the continuation of Carla’s music as one of our Fledgling musicians"

French Horn Player, Surrey


"Thank you so much for my award! It really means a lot and allows me to have an hours lesson at the Royal College of Music instead of just 45 minutes. I imagine you know how much difference that can make. I was awarded this grant last year as well, so thank you for very much for giving it to me two years running.

"I was hoping to take my grade 8 this spring, but due to lock down it couldn't happen. However, I daresay I needed to practice more anyway. Hopefully I will take it this coming winter and then will begin preparing for NYO (National Youth Orchestra).

"Due to lockdown, NYO are keeping its current orchestras and members for a further year, so I have that to help me prepare. The extra lesson time will help out a bunch when it comes to planning for bigger auditions and exams and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that."

Surrey student studying French Horn.

Recipient of The Cheryl King Award from AYM in 2019 and 2020

Letter from a Surrey Arts Student

Surrey Arts

This year the Trust is currently supporting 18 students across a number of schools in Surrey.

“I play the violin and drums and I want to be an electronic musician when I grow up. Thank you so much! The grant really helps me in lots of ways. Longer lessons: Longer lessons help me engage more with the piece I'm currently working on and to learn faster. Attending an orchestra: Orchestras help me musically socialise with other musicians and to get used to playing in front of others. 

"Thank you so much for my grant. It really means a lot to me.”

Learning - Surrey Music Hub

Surrey Arts Music Lessons:

"Engaging, Creating, Inspiring"