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Read about some of the young people we are helping through our bursaries...


Future Talent

This year we are delighted to be supporting Daniel through Future Talent...

Daniel is 10 years old and from Surrey. He has been learning piano for just over 4 years and takes on numerous different musical opportunities. Daniel’s teacher had this to say in his reference:

“Daniel is a very gifted young musician. He picks up new techniques very quickly and learns how to apply them with ease. He works very hard, and I look forward to seeing what he’ll achieve in the near future.”

As well as piano lessons, he performs in the school orchestra and choirs, and also a community choir. During the pandemic he continued to engage in virtual opportunities, successfully entering his grade 2 piano and taking part in the Benedetti Foundation Christmas Concert. He has expressed aspiration to take his grade 5 practical and theory exams.



The Cheryl King Trust Award


In 2021-22 The Cheryl King Trust Award has been given to Sophia aged 14 playing the piano and viola, and to Noah aged 15 who plays the French horn, and who we also supported last year (see below).  We are very much looking forward to hearing how they have got on at the end of the award year.

Sophia says...

"Hello there! My name is Sophia and I'll be 15 in December. As I mentioned in my application I started playing the viola last October. I feel I have a much stronger bond with the viola than the violin and thanks to your generosity I will be able to hire the instrument for a whole year as well as having some lessons or courses during the holidays. I am very excited to the prospect of it and I cannot thank you enough for giving me this incredible opportunity. I am eager to expand my viola repertoire and improve my technique. Thank you for believing in me and make it possible."

Recipients of The Cheryl King Trust Award from AYM in 2021-22 are Surrey students are Sophia (piano & Viola) and Noah (French horn).

Letter from a Surrey Arts Student

Surrey Arts

This year the Trust is currently supporting 18 students across a number of schools in Surrey.

“I play the violin and drums and I want to be an electronic musician when I grow up. Thank you so much! The grant really helps me in lots of ways. Longer lessons: Longer lessons help me engage more with the piece I'm currently working on and to learn faster. Attending an orchestra: Orchestras help me musically socialise with other musicians and to get used to playing in front of others. 

"Thank you so much for my grant. It really means a lot to me.”

Learning - Surrey Music Hub

Surrey Arts Music Lessons:

"Engaging, Creating, Inspiring"